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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Caffeine Highs and Cerebellar Peduncles

They say to write what you know. So here goes nothing: squamous and small cell carcinomas are typically associated with smokers while adenocarcinoma has a higher incidence in women and nonsmokers. I could go on, but I’m guessing it wouldn’t be conducive to a high hit count. Blogroll me, the random pathology fact blog. I can see my counter spinning.

The truth is that my thoughts are consumed with random facts about lung cancer and the cerebellum. Midterm week is no time to consider trivial matters like food or friendships. There is minutia to cram and slides to study. Sleep? Sleep is for law students, I’ve got work to do. With hundreds of pages of path notes piling up around me I struggle to keep it all straight. Was it 11.p.13 that’s associated with Wilms’ tumor…or was that renal cell? My caffeine high is wearing off. Did Clarke’s nucleus project through the inferior cerebellar peduncle or was it the restiform body? I down my liquid legal stimulant and fight to stay conscious. Consciousness…from the reticular formation…uncal herniation….candy zebras….sadfasfalsk…zzzzzzzzz.


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