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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Crickets and Olives

Chirp...Chirp....Chirp...I felt like I was at a campout. You know, the kind where you hike through beautiful mountains and spend the evening making smores around a blazing fire with the crickets gently lulling you to sleep. Except this wasn't the mountains, there was no fire, and I was not making smores. Instead, I was freezing in a smoreless lecture hall trying to distinguish a pyramid from an olive. Obviously for normal people this would not become a two hour ordeal, but (as you probably know) medical students are not normal people.

Let's get back to our insect friends. It seems that Nashville was feeling the effects of hurricane Frances and our second year classroom was flooded, thereby initiating a mini-Armageddon on our A/V equipment. One unforeseen consequence of this electronic holocaust was that the water puddles apparently created the ideal ecosystem to be colonized by Acheta Domesticus, and we are now serenaded by these arthropodal maestros throughout all of our medical lectures.

It is all I can do to keep from laughing when, at eight in the morning, our professor asks our class a question and the only answer is the faint chirp of crickets in the background. As sad as it may be, this has occasionally constituted the entirety of my attendance motivation on several predawn occasions. Currently, I am working on an EPA petition to declare the wet carpet at the front of our classroom an official wetlands. As long as there are olives and pyramids to find, so long shall the cricket sing.


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