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Monday, September 20, 2004

Memory Loss and Anatomical Minutia

Is it bad to take pleasure in someone else’s pain? It’s not like I’m some sort of sadist, but today was the three hour review for the first year’s first anatomy exam and it made me extremely happy. Happy that I wasn’t sitting there terrified of tomorrow. Happy that I no longer care what arteries branch off of the thoracoacromial trunk. But most of all, happy that I don’t have an eight hour test on Thursday.

I know that this is gonna come full circle in a couple weeks with the arrival of our path midterm, but right now I am definitely reveling in my second year freedom. It was awesome to see just how far I have come since last year. I remember going through all of the rooms in awe of the vast knowledge of the second years and envious of their status. One vivid memory that pops into my mind was last year when I asked a second year how much she actually remembered from the lectures. She quickly responded that all the preparation she needed to teach the review session was a quick review of her notes. Bull crap. As an actual second year, I am now fully aware of just how much the omniscient second year class didn’t know as they pompously expounded on our notes. Granted, you don’t forget the important info, but really, who cares what constitutes the medial border of the quadrangular space (btw it’s the long head of the triceps for all you anatomy nerds).

I need all the encouragement I can get, and tonight was just a neat opportunity to see how far I have actually matured in my knowledge of medicine and (sometimes) life in general. It’s surprising what a little anatomy review can do for your mood. Who needs Prozac when you’ve got the axillary fossa?


Blogger Jeremy said...

I'm thoroughly happy that our 1st years will be suffering next week with an anatomy practical on Wednesday and written exam Friday.

Don't be ashamed. ;-)

7:03 PM


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