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Monday, October 04, 2004

Random Links and Renal Cell

Disclaimer: I write this in the throws of yet another caffeine high. For those who care, my radiology test went great (big shout out to my study partner Ashley Rowatt), so that’s one down three to go. In all reality, psych, path, and neuro make up the majority of my lectures so it’s more like “one down, nine to go” but semantics really aren’t my thing. Loyal readers of my blog will know my feelings about psych, thus right now my focus is squarely on the remaining two. Much like metastatic renal cell carcinoma, the multifocal nature of my study plan is causing some problems. I am now so hesitant to commit to either that I’m beginning to think I should run for office (give me the cheap shots, it’s late).

Time management is an important skill in medical school. It is also one that I don’t have. Thus the question “Is neuro more important than a new episode of Lost?” has an obvious, albeit inverted, answer. After finishing my show I am refreshed and ready to study. Why would anyone ask such an obviously rhetorical question?

Speaking of time management, I don’t have time for a witty rundown of all the happenings in the world of medicine, so here’s a list of some fun ones.

So there you go, click and learn. Impress your friends. You’ll be the better for it and I, having not had to tell you about it, will have more time throw my psych book over the fence in protest.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome blog! I'm a grad student at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities studying neuroscience. I plan on attending medical school in the next year or two (not sure where yet).
I have a blog at http://blog.lib.umn.edu/ande4192/blaine/
You'll have to leave your comments on my medical-related entries!
Take care.
I hope to hear from you soon,

Blaine Anderson
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

8:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am actually responding to all of your posts as I found it more convienient to make my remarks on one comment, the most eminant at that.

All and all thanks for making me get up and find paper towles to clean up the pop that shot out of my nose. You are too funny man. I plan on going ot medschool at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON, Canada. I can only hope that my experiences are half as enterntaining as yours. I hope you don't mind me monologuing my moments in a fashion that is almost "milly vanilly", but a bit more original to yours.

Good luck in eveything bud.

10:14 PM

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